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A day on the Beach by Tenshineko01
A day on the Beach
One of my Pokemon from my Wedlocke. She has a partner, sadly I couldn't seem to get him in with Kahleesi, the shiny Mightyena, the way I wanted to.

Her training had had taken forever, with the help of Tamale she, slowly, was getting stronger. Even though she was proving to be a good partner she could never get a comment or a smile from the Swellow. She did have a few close calls and Tamale had been there to bale her out. Did he still think she was worthless?

No! I'll prove to him that I can help the team.

She just had to do as she was told.

She had watched Fettachini and Bruscheta fight against Mr. Dad Norman, winning the battle. She wanted to be strong like them. While they were still in town, where they encountered a brave Marill, who had been watching the team for a while. Now, it was time to do something that their trainer was dreading to do for the longest time, Surfing to Dewford, there were so many water routes. Along the way back to the small island they found a Tentecool that was playing hide and seek with the local swimmers in the area, the capture was a success. They were had gotten  back to land and decided to visit another part of Route 115.

A Black belt that had been training in the area had challenged them to a battle, it was Machop against Tamale, the Machop had surprised the Swellow with a powerful Vital Throw but the general had defeated the enemy with ease. The next opponent was a Machop as well, Tamale was about to face his foe when he felt a small tug on his tail feathers looking down he saw the familiar look of determination. With an inward sigh he let his partner take this battle.

He could tell that this Machop was stronger than the other one. Before she could react the fighting type had used Wake Up Slap, which was odd, considering she wasn't asleep. The move had sent her to the ground with a bloodied lip, just as the bi-peddle Pokemon was about to strike her again she dug into the ground. The Machop stopped in his tracks, not knowing where the ground type was going to pop up next. Pitaya burst out of the ground, her huge jaws clamping down hard on the Machop's leg, causing the Pokemon to flinch for a moment before hitting the Trapinch across the face again.

Pitaya's head had collided with a rock as a pool of red started to stain the ground. Tamale's eyes grew wide as he saw his partner hit the stone, with a low growl he took off, racing forward to the fighting type. Extending his talons he threw the assailant into a tree, knocking him out. Turning his attention back to the dying Pokemon he saw she was trying to say something but she coughed up blood instead.

"Don't speak, save your strength."

This is my fault, the weight of of this loss felt worse then the others, Why?


"I said for you not to talk!"

"Am I...still worthless?"

It was like someone had punched a hole in his chest, how could he have been so blind, so, so.


Shaking his head he looked her in the eye as his eyes glassed over, "No, you're not."

A smile formed on the dying Pokemon's face as a single tear fell from her eye, with a small nod her body went limp, a shuddering gasp was heard from the flying type as he wept for the fallen Pokemon. The group barried their friend in silence, no one dared try to talk to Tamale on their way back to the city.

Tamale waited outside, once again, writing down what had happened in the passed few hours. Once he had finished he had closed the book and let out a frustrated sigh.

She wasn't even wearing that blasted Quick Claw, the mear thought of that thing made him shudder in fear.

None of this was fair, why did he have to keep loosing his friends and partners?

If you want to stop loosing your friends, then why not join them?

The Swellow looked around for the voice, but no one was there, except the Quick Claw that was laying on the ground, that should have been in his trainer's bag.

Why should you have to suffer? Let someone else carry this burden.

"But I can't just leave them behind, they need me."

They'll be fine without you. They know that it's only a matter of time before you die in a battle, why would you want to die a painful death when you can just end it yourself?

Tamale kept his eyes on the Quick Claw, it was right, he could be with Ketchup and Quiche, and with his fallen commrades.

Who would even miss you?

"Hello, my name's Cashew." a round blue face soon appeared in front of the Swellow causing to stumble back.

"Wh-where did you come from?"

"From the box, duh," she replied with a playful smile, "What's that thing you have?"

Tamale looked at the Quick Claw before dropping it to the ground as he let out a horrified gasp. What was he about to do? He couldn't quiet remember, closing his eyes he let the tears fall.


The Marill looked at the Swellow in confusion, "'Why' what?"

"Why do I keep loosing those I care about?!"

Before she knew it Tamale was crying, giving the Pokemon a comforting hug, "We all loose someone we care about, it takes time for it to heal but, it gets better," the water type tried to soothe Tamale's aching heart.

"How can it? I was so cruel to her, I said she was worthless when I was angry at myself!! She asked me if she was still worthless, she was never worthless. I'm the one that should have fought that Machop in the first place!"

"Life's hard, but you have to look at the good things as well as the bad. Pitaya knows now that you didn't truly mean to call her worthless. You've got to stop blaming yourself, if you don't, you'll never be able to protect anyone."

Tamale looked at the Marill, trying to hold back the tears, "Thank you, Cashew."

"Plus if you don't suck it up I'll  just have to tickle you."

Tamale smirked before taking to the air, evading the blue Pokemon, causing her to chase after him. Letting out a soft chuckle he knew he was going to be alright, he had his friends, and now Cashew.

Quiche, Ketchup, and Pitaya will always be with him in his heart. He wasn't going to let some cursed item to get rid of him that easily.
Never give up and Keep on fighting
A little something for Marriland's Omega Ruby Wedlocke, Ep. 20 Listen to this while reading:…

Jane and Jeff by Tenshineko01
Jane and Jeff
Jane the human and Jeff the BASHFUL Mudkip from my Nuzlocke in RUBY, not to beconfused with OMEGA RUBY.

It is awesome!!!! I haven't been watching it from the beginning but there is a MARATHON still going on. It's on AMC. I love the characters.
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Not much to say. I love to read, watch youtube vids, play Pokemon and read Bleach. I'm shy at first but over time I open up more.

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