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Jane and Jeff by Tenshineko01
Jane and Jeff
Jane the human and Jeff the BASHFUL Mudkip from my Nuzlocke in RUBY, not to beconfused with OMEGA RUBY.

Elena from my Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke by Tenshineko01
Elena from my Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke
A character from my Storylocke, "Beyond the Darkness", accpmpanied by her two Pokemon, Starkk the Chimchar and Bejamin the Shinx. Ye that is the Shinx's name, I forgot to add the "n" in "Benjamin" but the name stuck to him.


There was no reply, no signs of movement, especially with the horrible sight the was in front if him, he walked over to her limp body as tears feel from his closed eyes. His beloved Ketchup, she was gone. His shoulder's shook, barely able to keep his rage at bay. Looking to his lovers killer he seethed with anger, Ketchup had survived from its kind before, now it was the same kind of Pokemon that took her from him.


Why did he have to watch his friends die? It wasn't fair, he wanted them back, gritting his teeth, he took to the sky not caring that the sandstorm pelted him like a shower of needles. Sensing something above him he looked up to see a large rock, about half his size, falling down on him. His eyes widened in fear as the rock hit him in his right shoulder.

His comrades watched as he fell into the sand as dust rose to the air. They too were in shock, would this be the end of Tamale the Swellow? They felt hopeless, as is any of them could make a difference. Soufflé the Illumise was about to go to face their enemy.

"Don't come out here!" a voice shouted from the small crater, causing the bug type to stop where she was.

She could see something moving, struggling to get up. Feeling a small ray of hope she saw Tamale getting to his feet, she saw the fierce look in his eyes, he wasn't going to die here.

The Swellow lifted his face to the sky, letting out a cry that held too many emotions, sadness, anger.


Even with the pain in his shoulder didn't stop him, he took to the air, charging to the rock type with his talons spread out like a clawed hand. The Graveler never stood a chance against the heart broken Pokemon.


They won the battle but with the loss of an amazing ally. The bird type was numb, he didn't notice that they were in a small town near Lavaridge Town. He failed to see that his right wing was put in a splint, keeping his wing in place. He swallowed a lump that felt like it was choking him, he stared at his journal that was full with the entry's he made for their journey. He was outside, sitting on the ground as he recalled what had happened to Ketchup as the Graveler ran her over, leaving behind nothing but a bloody smear, and the torn up costume she was wearing.

His chest heaved as he felt the bitter tang of bile that rose from his stomach. As quickly as he could he dashed away from the others. After a few minutes of trying to get the gruesome image out of his head he let out tears of frustration and hurt.


"Um, Sir?"

Tamale quickly stood up, trying to regain his poster as he turned to face of his team. As he turned he saw that his team was with their trainer, so who spoke to him?

"I'm down here sir."

Looking down he saw the Pokémon Hungry had just caught. His body became tense, of course; he needed a new partner. He stood there, not moving an inch, staring at the ground type.

The large headed Pokémon watched from the distance when her new partner leave the colony. Wanting to cheer her new partner up she walked over to join him, but he ran away before she could make herself known to him.

With a sigh she turned to go back to the others, with her head low, almost touching the ground she saw a book. Driven by curiosity she opened the book to the first page, reading the story of Hungry.

As she read their journey her expression slowly started to change from fearful, she was vary nervous about meeting Tamale, to concern, sadness, and understanding. It was no surprise that their leader wasn't talking or moving, how could he when he lost so many friends and two partners. For each death he was the one to avenge their death. Much like the stories she had heard about when she was younger, about a Pokémon the no one thought would make it to the Pokémon League. He made it, she believed that Tamale could too.

Closing the book, taking it with her, she found the courage to talk to her partner. When he turned to face her she blushed when he looked passed her, not seeing her because she was she smallest one in the group. After he glanced down at her she was the bird flinch, he just stated at her, not saying a word. Pitaya felt nervous again, she knew he was mourning but the look she saw scared her. It was like he was staring into her soul.

"I, I believe this is yours, s-sorr--"

"Your my new partner." He stated as he cut her off.

Backing up a little she felt smaller, his voice was beautiful, but the way he was talking made her feel scared. Before she could speak he narrowed his eyes as he dared her to utter another word. Seeing she had his book her swiftly took it from her.

"What are you doing with this?" He as in a quiet tone, when she didn't answer he seethed with anger, " I asked you where you got this?" he repeated as his voice shook.

"I-it was o-on the ground and I t-thought t-that--"

"You thought what, exactly? You the only female in the Box, that you can just replace," he hissed with anger, "Her?" He as rhetorically. When she stuttered as she tried to speak he open his left wing, making him look bigger. "You will never replace her, you maybe my partner but you are not my friend, because of you we went to the Dessert for a new ally. If we never met you she would still be here," as he spoke he slowly walked closer to the Trapinch causing her to back up, " this is all you fault!" He yelled.

Pitaya flinched, not expecting him to yell so suddenly her eyes shined as she looked to the ground with shame. How was it her fault? She wasn't the one that killed Ketchup.

"I'm not trying to replace Ketchup --" tripping over a rock she fell back, with her head weighing more than her body she ended up on her back.

She wished she was a Torkoal, so she could hide in her shell. As she struggled to get back to her feet she didn't see an almost pleased look in Tamale's eyes.

"Of course, you could never replace her. Ketchup was graceful, she had elegance and a fierce battle spirit." he said as he walked around her.

Pitaya was scared, maybe this wasn't a good idea after all. He didn't even know her, but he was right, she wasn't graceful what kind of Pokémon can't get back to their feet? Her vision swerved as tears sting at her eyes, closing them she tried to roll over to her side. She could feel him as he leaned in to whisper in her ear.

The bug type turned when she heard Tamale yelling, he was talking to the new kid. Raising her Black Glasses over her head she walked towards the pair, leaving Onion with the others. Soufflé quickened her pace when Pitaya fell to her back, trying to get back to her feet. Tamale was circling her like a new toy for a Skitty. When Tamale was in front of her Soufflé saw the ground type was crying.

He whispered something to her that made her eye snap open, "Tamale!" The Illumise called in anger, the flying type looked at as if she dared her to come closer. She huffed in anger and stormed over whatever he said to Pitaya made her close her eyes as she started crying again. "Leave her alone." she said in a tone that warned him not to say anything else.

"Vary well." He said as he walked away from the two girls.

Soufflé glared at him as he walked over to the group, carrying that notebook. He didn't write in it, he couldn't write in it, his heart was still hurting. Looking down at Pitaya she helped the large headed Pokémon back to her feet. She wiped the ground types tears as best as she could. The kid was still crying, with a sigh Soufflé sat on the ground and put her Glasses back on and waited for the kid to stop crying.

When she finally stopped the Trapinch looked up to her. Soufflé watched as the Pokémon opened her mouth to speak but closed it just as quickly.

"Am I worthless?" she asked, making the Illumise jerked her head down at the question. "Of course not, who said you were?" She asked.

When Pitaya didn't say anything Soufflé got her answer as she looked to Tamale with an enraged glare. Who was he to call someone worthless, much less someone you just met and didn't know anything about them. "No, you're not worthless. We haven't seen what you can do yet." the bug type smiled, trying to cheer up the Trapinch.

"Tamale seems to think I'm not a good fighter. I know I'm not graceful, but I can do other things." Pitaya said.

"You don't have to be graceful, just be yourself and that dumb bird brain will warm up to you. Just give him some time. You're not worthless, if he gives you any trouble just let me know and I'll straighten him out." She replied as she clenched her fist.

Pitaya didn't look convinced that the bird Pokémon would ever warm up to her. Soufflé put her hand on the Ant Pit Pokémon's back, "He's been through a lot it'll get better, promise." Soufflé said to the kid.

"He's a General, and a gentlemen, but he will always be an Avenger."
We Both Go Down
A little something for Marriland's Omega Ruby Wedlocke Episode 18.… CONTESTANT SPOILERS!!! 

That being said, please enjoy. Hopefully I will continue this. I can see Tamale with a British accent, the same for Ketchup. Let me know how you hear them in the Comments below.
My Little Pony OC: Unravel by Tenshineko01
My Little Pony OC: Unravel
Here's my OC, I'm currently working on her personality and history. I just realized I forgot her Cutie Mark. It's supposed to be a mask. 
It is awesome!!!! I haven't been watching it from the beginning but there is a MARATHON still going on. It's on AMC. I love the characters.
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